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School run by the Lutheran Society

The Lutheran Society was initiated by Rev. Franciszek Michejda in 1881. Started as the Lutheran Society for Community Education it was involved in the publication of Polish books as these were in great shortage at that time. In 1905 the organization was renamed and the Lutheran Society was founded. Its main aim was to promote Polish education as this was regarded vital, since Poland regained its independence after the First World War.

In the period between the two world wars the activities of the Society were slightly narrowed, and after the Second World War it was dramatically limited, to be closed completely in 1963.

The idea of bringing the Society back into activity was first initiated in 1991 by a group of teachers planning to organize a Lutheran School in Cieszyn. Due to the fact that such an idea could only be accomplished on condition of having a proper building, the search for such a building was started very soon afterwards. It was discovered that a building which had previously belonged to the Society was available on the corner of Stalmacha and Sienkiewicza St. It had been erected in 1895 and its facade is in Renaissance and Classicist styles. The building was returned to the Society on the 23rd of September 1992.

With the help of the members of the Lutheran Society and some persons in Poland and abroad the building was restored from a state of devastation to its previous beautiful and functional design.

The Lutheran Secondary School in Cieszyn has a three-year course of study and is attended by students from the ages of 16 to 19

School priorities

  • Three obligatory foreign languages: English – 5h a week for three years, German or French – 4h a week for three years, Spanish/Russian/French – 2h a week for 2 years
  • Effective preparation for the MATURA final exam during regular class lessons and additional seminars. Each student chooses at least two seminars at the advanced level.
  • Art education electives: the school choir, the theatre group, the dance classes, the film club
  • Respecting Christian values

A great asset to the School are conversation classes with native speakers from the USA.

Pupils attend Lutheran and Catholic religion classes depending on their respective denomination.

In addition, the school has initiated what have become traditional annual events, such as a Christmas party organized by the students, a Christmas concert given by the LOTE choir and other children and youth choirs from the Cieszyn diocese in the Mickiewicz theater, and the annual LOTE sports event.

Students can also take part in other activities, such as: educational and tourist trips, sport events, ski camps, trips to the theatre and cinema.

Exchange trips are also organized with the partner schools in Germany (Potsdam and Berlin), Lithuania , South Africa, Corsica and Reunion.

Secondary education in Poland is completed with a secondary school-leaving examination called MATURA. During the last years, final examination results ranked LOTE first in the Cieszyn region.

The objectives of the pedagogical and administrative staff are not only to provide a high standard of teaching, but also to educate young people about openness, tolerance and responsibility. The students are able to fully develop their skills and interests, and as individuals are granted understanding and appreciation. One of the great advantages, which fosters the above aspects, is the small number of students in each class.

In 1999, when the new reform of the educational system was introduced, the Lutheran Society in Cieszyn founded the Lutheran Lower Secondary School (GTE) for students aged 13 to 16. GTE is located in the same building as LOTE. About 60-70% of students who finished GTE continue their studies at LOTE.